Florida’s chief financial officer called on his state’s financial institutions to waive wire transfer fees charged to Holocaust survivors for receiving reparations.“The transfer fee on Holocaust reparation payments essentially amounts to a 10 percent tax on each payment a survivor receives, a significant burden considering that the vast majority rely on these payments to make ends meet,” Jeff Atwater said March 11 in West Palm Beach. Atwater added that waiving the fee “is a powerful reflection of the willingness of Florida’s financial community to contribute to the well-being of this important group of Floridians.”In partnership with the Florida Bankers Association and the League of Southeastern Credit Unions, Atwater wrote a letter asking the chief executive officers of the financial institutions doing business in Florida to sign a commitment pledge to voluntarily waive the wire transfer or processing fees on Holocaust-related reparations.The fees range from $10 to $40 per transaction.