MUNICH, Germany – German prosecutors Tuesday called for a six-year jail sentence for John Demjanjuk, 90, accused of helping to murder 27,900 Jews during his alleged time as a Nazi death camp guard.Prosecutor Hans-Joachim Lutz said there was “no reasonable doubt” that the Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk participated in the Holocaust and that he worked at the Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland for six months in 1943.”The accused was at first a victim of German aggression. Then he became a perpetrator with his participation in the mass murder of Jews,” said Lutz, delivering his closing remarks.”It’s not about passing off German guilt for the mass murder committed by the SS onto someone else,” he told the court in Munich, southern Germany.Demjanjuk denies the charges against him.It is still not clear when a verdict could be handed down, although the court has scheduled hearings until May 12.