Outrage is growing in the Czech Republic after the son of the country’s bloodthirsty Nazi leader said he wanted to restore the castle where his father lived during the Second World War.
Reinhard Heydrich was the protector of Czechoslovakia, which was renamed the province of Bohemia and Moravia by the Nazis.
He was a key organiser of the Holocaust, the head of the dreaded security section (SD) of the SS and tipped to one day succeed Hitler as Fuehrer.
Assassinated by a Czech commando squad trained in Britain in 1942, his name is still reviled to this day. The decision by Heider Heydrich, his son, to help rebuild the dilapidated castle in Panenske Brezany, near Prague, where he once lived has provoked fury.
Thousands have signed an internet petition opposing having anything to do with his offer.
Newspapers have carried strong editorials decrying his ‘insensitivity’ at wanting to restore a place ‘from where orders for the deaths of thousands were given’.