Comcast, the nation’s top cable company, is distributing 10 films about the Holocaust in a public service project it is calling “Days of Remembrance.” And it started with an unrelated telephone call to the director Steven Spielberg.
The person calling Mr. Spielberg last year was Brian L. Roberts, the chief executive of Comcast, which was acquiring NBC Universal. Mr. Roberts had visited the Universal Studio lot, the location of Mr. Spielberg’s office, but had not had a chance to see him.
“I just decided to call him to tell him what a shame it was to be there and not see Steven Spielberg,” Mr. Roberts said. He said Mr. Spielberg responded: “Funny you should say that. We just sent you a letter.”
The USC Shoah Foundation Institute, which Mr. Spielberg began in 1994, had just approached Mr. Roberts about giving him an award and holding a fund-raiser. Mr. Spielberg suggested during the call that Mr. Roberts visit the institute, which records and preserves tens of thousands of Holocaust testimonies.
“What I saw there was fascinating,” Mr. Roberts said in an interview. “The stories were very in-depth,” he said. “Some were incredibly depressing. Some were incredibly uplifting.”