An historian is claiming that a can of film found in a Devon church could help finally prove the guilt of a suspected Nazi war criminal. The film, which was rescued from the rubbish during a clean-out at Cullompton Baptist Church back in 2006, turned out to be a home movie featuring senior SS officers. The 11 minutes of grainy black-and-white footage shows images of high-ranking Nazis off-duty, drinking tea, and chatting with women working in their office. One man is seen to dominate the proceedings. He is pictured inspecting a camp, ordering other officers about, and taking delivery of a column of slave laborers. They were worked to the point of exhaustion, forced to dig pits by the side of the road, and then they were machine gunned to death ” End Quote Dr Harry Bennett Plymouth University Now Dr Harry Bennett, associate professor of modern history at Plymouth University, says he has identified the main figure in the film. After extensive research, Dr Bennett is convinced that the man is SS officer Walter Gieseke, a Nazi in charge of building a 1,000-mile road across Ukraine that cost tens of thousands of slave laborers their lives. Dr Bennett says that the film was made in 1943 and shows the building of a road which was officially called the DG IV, but which became known as The Street of the SS.