Soup kitchens owned by Colel Chabad have been busy these past few days, with a constant line of some 300 senior citizens – with an average age of 85 – forming outside its Jerusalem location.The clientele, mainly Holocaust survivors who come equipped with carts and baskets, help each other select products and then load them onto buses for the ride home.Most of the senior citizens are from the former Soviet Union, survivors of World War II who are accustomed to doing without life’s luxuries. They receive a pension of around $670 per month plus social security benefits. “It’s hard to live off of this,” says 85-year old Anna, from Belarus. “During the war I lost nine family members in concentration camps, and now I live here alone and make due with my pension. After rent and other expenses I have NIS 160 ($47) left over for food.”Vina Burneska, a 75-year old woman who immigrated to Israel from the Ukraine, recounted her tale. “I was seven years old when we ran away from the war. I remember walking long distances and being swollen from hunger,” she said.