Thousands of people, among them politicians, public figures and diplomats, joined the March of the Living, a procession marking Hungary’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, in Budapest on Sunday.The torchlight procession started with the blowing of the shofar at the old Jewish quarter downtown and continued all the way to Parliament.Speaking before the march Istvan Tarlos, the mayor of Budapest, said it was a protest against all events of genocide, including the one that had happened in 1944 “to the shame of us all.”He said the Holocaust was also a tragedy for Hungary, causing an irreparable loss.Addressing the procession at Parliament, National Resource Minister Miklos Rethelyi said that Auschwitz, where several hundreds of thousands of compatriots perished, has become inseparable from Hungarian history.”Auschwitz[..] has become a metaphor of unjustifiable acts,” he said. \