ČTK Terezin, North Bohemia, May 2 (CTK) – The Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah), remembering the 1943 uprising in the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto, was traditionally commemorated and the names of 100 Jewish victims who died in the Terezin ghetto during the war were read out at Terezin Memorial yesterday.The public reading of names has been annually organised in Terezin since 1991. yesterday, the names were read by 82-year-old Holocaust survivor Marta Kottova and Terezin Memorial deputy director Jiri Janousek. Some 35,000 people died in the Terezin ghetto established by the Nazis. Most of the remaining 120,000 perished after they were moved to extermination camps in Auschwitz and elsewhere.Czech Chief Rabbi Karol Sidon recalled that some Jews got armed and fought during the war, referring to the Warsaw uprising.Kottova said Jews in concentration camps also fought, though unarmed.”We fought with empty hands. Those who had weapons could at least spare the last bullet for themselves,” she said.