Where once they arrived with guns, today they will bear bright flowers in commemoration of a darkness past. Veterans of the Cameron Highlanders will today return to the Dutch town of Vught and the SS concentration camp they liberated in 1944, the first time an advancing allied army had witnessed at first hand the horrors of the Holocaust. Richard Massey was just 18 when he and his sergeant, George Sands, were among the first men into the concentration camp where Jews and resistance fighters were tortured before being killed or sent to death camps in the East.Today, accompanied by the burgomeister of Vught and civic dignitaries, Mr Massey will lay a wreath at the camp which seared into his memory 67 years ago.He recalled: “The Black Watch and the Argylls had taken a lot of punishment clearing the Germans out of Vught and we passed through them to chase the Germans away.”Among the people we liberated were the burgomeister and his wife. We were amazed when we heard her accent – she came from Perth. She was hugging us and crying. She would not let us go. We sent word back to headquarters and they got a message to her family in Scotland telling them that she was OK.”