Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Laureate and eloquent spokesman for the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, will be honored in Washington by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Wiesel, who was the founding chairman of the museum, will be given the first U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum award on May 16 at a dinner at the Wardman Park Marriott.“It was Elie Wiesel’s conviction that the Museum should be a “living” memorial, and no one else has done so much to honor the victims of the Holocaust by working tirelessly to create a more just world in their memory,” said museum director Sara J. Bloomfield in a statement Monday. “His legacy to humanity is unique and extraordinary. It is our great privilege to present him with the institution’s inaugural award.”The award ceremony will be part of the Museum’s Days of Remembrance programs. Deborah Lipstadt, the historian and author of “The Eichmann Trial,” will speak at the dinner.