When will theater producers ever learn? Holocaust. Musicals. Do. Not. Work. Say it with us, now. Today we catch wind of a new Holocaust-themed musical at Roundabout Theater Company, The People In The Picture, that is, shockingly, opening to dismal reviews. Oh, and did we mention that it’s written by the author of the Bette Midler-Barbara Hershey weepy classic Beaches?People centers around three generations of Jewish women living together in New York—Bubbie, once the darling of the Yiddish Theatre in pre-war Poland, her daughter Red, and Red’s precocious daughter Jenny. Bubbie passes down memories of her earlier life through—wait for it!—song and dance, in a performance The Times calls “sincere and queasy” and Thirteen describes as “what Debbie Allen would have paired with the score of Life is Beautiful at an Oscars ceremony.” Oh, and there’s a Sophie’s Choice-esque family secret buried in there somewhere, too.