CANTON, Ohio – A Canton woman who survived the Holocaust is supporting a plan to build a memorial to the Holocaust victims inside the Ohio Statehouse. Barbara Turkeltaub, 77, said she believes it would be a touching tribute to those who lost their lives during World War II, including nearly six million Jews. “People will come and see and will learn about what happened to people, innocent people,” Turkeltaub said.The idea for the memorial was suggested by Gov. John Kasich earlier this month during a ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of the verdicts at the first Nuremburg trials. It immediately gained support from Ohio’s Jewish leaders. However, a time frame for building the memorial has not been announced.Turkeltaub still has nightmares over what she witnessed when she was only six years old. Her entire family, along with thousands of other Jews, were rounded up in Lithuania and taken to an area in Vilnius known as the ghetto.”Absolutely hell on earth. If you can imagine how hell can be, that’s what it was,” Turkeltaub said. She witnessed starvation, torture and murders.More than 100 of Turkeltaub’s relatives, including her father, were murdered by Nazi soldiers. She also recalled the horrible deaths of many children.”I remember the terrible screams of the parents that came to pick up the children and they were not there,” Turkeltaub said. Turkeltaub and her younger sister were smuggled out the ghetto by a farmer and eventually found refuge with a Catholic priest.Their mother was shot in a Lithuanian forest, but she survived and never stopped searching for her daughters. They were reunited at a convent.”My mother, it took her two years to find us. She went from house to house to house looking,” Turkeltaub said.