Dusseldorf – Four suspects have been charged in an alleged German forgery scandal which, the prosecution allege, conned eminent art experts and earned the quartet million of euros.The four, starting in the 1990s, allegedly tempted collectors with a cover story that up to 50 paintings lost under the Nazi seizure of a Jewish art collection, and known only from old photographs, had been rediscovered in private homes, after reclusive art lovers snapped them up half a century ago.With the art market in overdrive, museums and millionaire collectors in Cologne, Germany’s capital of modern art, lined up to buy the canvasses by early 20th century German artists.In the biggest sale, Red Picture with Horses, supposedly painted by Heinrich Campendonk (1889-1957) of the Netherlands, sold at auction in Cologne for 2.4 million euros (3.4 million dollars). It was the highest price ever paid for work by the Rhineland expressionist.Other works, seemingly by German luminaries Max Pechstein, Max Ernst, Andre Derain, Kees van Dongen and Fernand Leger, were sold to museums in Germany and the Netherlands and in Paris.Late last year, police arrested three suspects who are now in custody, after a tip off that the labels on the back of the paintings were fake.