VIENNA — Austria’s president unveiled a newly revamped memorial Thursday commemorating victims of the Nazis, including those who lost their lives because they stood up to the brutal regime.The remembrance site is situated in the heart of Vienna, the Austrian capital, where a luxury hotel once stood that served as a coordination center for the Gestapo, Adolf Hitler’s secret police. Dedicated not only to Jewish victims but also to resistance fighters, it includes a small exhibit that shows how Gestapo officials often used torture to torment those they summoned and notes how the feared force was fed information from spies and informants in the Austrian population.“The fates of thousands of people were decided here,” Austrian President Heinz Fischer told a small crowd. “Thousands became victims of torture and were often sent from here to concentration camps.”“Never Forget!” is written across the rear of the small space that used to be the back entrance of the Gestapo center. Leading to it are footprints that, according to Fischer, symbolize the helplessness of the men and women who walked through the dreaded doors.