The Stasi secret police reportedly kept a hidden dossier on East Germany’s once-revered leader, Erich Honecker, and forced him to resign in 1989 by threatening to expose his wartime attempts to collaborate with the Nazis.Details from the 25-page dossier by the communist-era Ministry for State Security, published by the Bild am Sonntag paper yesterday, showed it was compiled in 1971 on the orders of Erich Mielke, East Germany’s feared and detested Stasi chief, to ensure he remained the real power behind the communist throne.The paper said at an explosive East German politburo meeting in October 1989, the country in deep crisis as thousands of its citizens fled to the West, Mielke threatened to reveal his “black file” on Honecker, causing him to resign almost immediately.Shortly after, Honecker was replaced by Egon Krenz, the communist apparatchik groomed to succeed him. The Berlin Wall fell less than a month later.Honecker, who was a member of the German Communist party before World War II, was arrested by the Gestapo in 1937 and held until 1945 in a Nazi prison.