A 90-year-old man has been exposed as a former guard at a Nazi slave-labor camp during the Second World War.Alexander Huryn, who lives in a retirement bungalow in Hampshire, kept his past secret when he left war-ravaged Europe and settled in Britain 60 years ago. But the retired carpenter was a guard at the Trawniki labour camp in occupied Poland where thousands of Jewish prisoners died. As a former member of the German armed forces, Mr Huryn still receives a German Army pension that is paid into his bank account each month, according to his family.His wartime activities might have remained hidden had it not been for the opening up of Soviet-era archives in recent years.Documents obtained by a researcher show that Mr Huryn served at Trawniki. They also appear to prove he joined an SS battalion that committed atrocities against Polish civilians in 1944 and 1945. Mr Huryn, who lives with his English-born wife Diana, also 90, in Fareham, has been questioned by officers from Scotland Yard’s War Crimes Unit. He has not been charged with any offense.