Taipei — The Ministry of National Defense apologized Thursday for using a photograph of three students dressed in Nazi military uniform to advertise a summer “battle camp.” A quick and impromptu press conference was held after a local Chinese-language newspaper reported the highly inappropriate photo on a ministry-affiliated website.Three young males in full Nazi regalia are shown posing in the photo taken by a military press officer July 4 at an MND-organized summer camp.The photo was immediately pulled from the website after the controversy broke out.MND spokesman Luo Shuo-he admitted that the Military News Agency under the MND was responsible for the photo and promised that all personnel involved in the incident will be investigated.The spokesman said the three students in question had acquired the apparel on their own and were sorry for causing the stir after being notified. “They said they wore the uniform for fun, as military fans,” according to the spokesman.Luo said the ministry will enhance the education of information officers and make sure they are more careful with their photograph selections in the future.Asked to comment on the incident, Simon Halperin, director of the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, said that although she was “shocked” to see the photo, she believed it was an action borne out of “innocence” rather than support for the Nazi’s genocide of Jews during World War II.Halperin highlighted the importance of history education in secondary school and volunteered to work with various Taiwanese education agencies to stop such incidents from happening again.