A couple of brief moments, no matter how solemn, just weren’t enough for Naperville teen Zak Kolar. A Holocaust Remembrance Day service at his synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom in Naperville, several years ago made that sentiment clear to him.“We were mourning the Holocaust victims, and I realized that 6 million is such a huge number,” he said. “Twenty seconds or so to remember 6 million people just didn’t seem like enough.”The experience led the 13-year-old to found Each of Us Has a Name at www.eachofushasaname.org. The objective of the website that Zak designed and maintains is to collect information on as many Holocaust victims as possible. The information is then available for people to memorialize each victim on a more individual basis.Zak always has felt deeply about the Holocaust and has been especially struck by the number of Jews who died, leaving no one behind to honor their memories. He said the idea for the website came to him shortly after the memorial service.“Around then I was starting to learn how to develop websites. I wanted to find a way to combine the two,” he said.Zak said he also visited the U.S. Holocaust Museum, where visitors are given an identity card for an individual Holocaust victim.“The cards have a picture and biography if available, and as much information as there is,” Zak said. “The goal is to have you remember the person on the card afterwards. That’s what I did. I remembered my person, and I wanted to find a way to apply that to more if not all of the Holocaust victims.”