Mr. Max K. Liebmann is Senior Vice President and Treasurer of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants.
Max is the center who holds the day-to-day functioning of the New York office of the American Gathering in place. The hallmark of his activities is his personal and direct involvement with survivors who are in contact from throughout the country. He is truly the champion of all survivors and particularly those in need and distress.

Mr. Liebmann was born in Mannheim, Germany on September 3, 1921. His family owned a textile business. In March 1938, his father left for Greece in order to explore new business possibilities. Max never saw him again. With the outbreak of World War II, Max took his grandmother, who was French Alsatian, to the Swiss border, but Switzerland did not permit her to enter the country, so she went to Nancy and later to Bordeaux. During the war, increased discrimination culminated in Max being sent to Eastern Germany for forced labor harvesting. He has described himself as one of the first slave laborers of the Reich. On October 22, 1940, he was deported to France, and arrived at the camp of Gurs in Southwestern France three days later. He managed to get out of the camp just weeks before its August 1, 1942 closure, and its first deportations to Auschwitz. He hid in several places in unoccupied France with the help of local residents. He later managed to escape to Switzerland with the help of a Swiss militia man. In Switzerland, he worked in a refugee camp. On February 28, 1943, his girlfriend Hanne, who he had met in Gurs, came to Switzerland. They married on April 14, 1945 in Geneva. Their daughter was born on March 4, 1946. In 1948, the family left for the United States.