The holocaust can sometimes be a tough subject to teach but one Omaha teacher is helping his students grasp the moment in history, one canned food item at a time.
“We are learning about the holocaust and we learned that 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust,” said 6th grader Rosa Reed-Bouley. One by one each student is trying to grasp what happened during that dark time in history. “I don’t really know what 6 million really looks like,” said one 6th grader. Then again who really does? “It’s gonna be a lot of food,” said Colette Shaneyfelt. These students are using food to find out what six million looks like. Collecting six million servings of food to donate to the food bank. “We have a lot of canned soup, we have a lot of canned corn, we have a lot of oatmeal,” said 6th grader Seamus Kilroi.