Ida Nissenbaum, a Holocaust survivor who raised her niece and nephew after their mother died in a concentration camp in Germany, died Friday. She had just celebrated her 100th birthday earlier this month at the Medicana Nursing and Rehab Center in Lake Worth. Mrs. Nissenbaum’s spirit and love of life helped her to rebuild and nurture a family fractured by the horrors of the Holocaust. Born in Belgium, Mrs. Nissenbaum escaped a Nazi internment camp in France during World War II, fleeing with her husband, Abe, to Lyon. She lost five of her six siblings during the war, including a sister who left behind two children that Mrs. Nissenbaum tracked down and took in after the war ended. “I didn’t know I had a family,” said Leon Berliner, Mrs. Nissenbaum’s nephew. He was 10 years old when she found him and he wasn’t sure whether his 13-year-old sister or other relatives were still alive. “But Ida found me in the south of France, and she embraced me, and suddenly I had a family again.”