The debate on what to do about the unclaimed life insurance policies of Holocaust survivors and their descendants bore the first new idea in years, with a proposal from the World Jewish Congress breaking what many in the Jewish community feel was a deadlock of disagreeable compromises.
The proposal, written by WJC general counsel Menachem Rosensaft and published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, would require German insurance companies to hire an independent monitor to ensure all still-unresolved claims are being dealt with fairly and judged under relaxed standards agreed to at an earlier conference.
In the U.S., a bill proposed in Congress would allow survivors or their families to sue these companies in U.S. federal court. The Senate judiciary committee heard testimony in June from both proponents and detractors of the bill. Supporters say the bill would allow them their day in court; Rosensaft and others say, however well intentioned, the bill would give survivors false hope.