A leading light in non-profit sector, Frances was the driving force behind the first screening program for Tay Sachs disease.
Frances Eizenstat. Carol Eizenstat was born in the Boston suburb of Everett, Massachusetts, 68 years ago to Eli and Sarah Taylor. She was the wife of 45 years to Stuart Eizenstat, the mother of two surviving children, Jay Eizenstat and Brian Eizenstat, mother-in-law to daughters-in-law Jessica Eizenstat and Erin Eizenstat, and grandmother to seven grandchildren (Menachem, Bracha, Eli Kalmon, Michal, Yitzchock, Julia and Caroline).
She was a role model for women balancing professional accomplishments, non-profit leadership, and a loving friend, sister, wife, mother and grandmother. She combined a life of professional accomplishment focused on the disadvantaged in the US, and on Jews in distress around the world, especially in the former Soviet Union, with a deep commitment to Judaism, the State of Israel, and to her myriad friends (each of whom felt she was their best friend), and to her family.
She obtained her undergraduate degree at Brandeis University (1965), where her deep affection and ties to the State of Israel began, spending part of her junior year there in the Hiatt program. Years later, Fran took her two children, Jay and Brian, for extended summer stays in Israel.
She obtained a Masters in Social Work from Boston College (1967), and then in mid-career, with two teenage boys, earned a second master’s degree, an MBA from George Washington University.