A Holocaust survivor who was just four years old when he was liberated from Auschwitz has spent the last 67 years wondering what happened to his other half. Menachem B. (he has asked to keep his last name private) was able to emigrate to Israel and build a life there after he was released from the Nazi camp in 1945, but he always knew something was missing — his twin, Jolli. Now 72 and retired, Menachem has teamed up with geneaologist Ayana KimRon to find the long-lost brother he barely remembers.
KimRon first learned about Menachem through a geneaology forum she’s a member of, when she came across a post entitled “Looking for my twin brother.” Written by a friend of Menachem, the post piqued KimRon’s interest. She wrote back.
“When I heard his story I knew right then and there that he lost a portion of his birth identity in Auschwitz,” she said.