Hungary’s main Jewish umbrella organization voted on Sunday to boycott official Holocaust commemorations this year unless the role of locals in the Nazi deportation and killing of Hungarian Jews is made clear.

András Heisler (standing) and other Mazsihisz leaders vote in Sunday's assembly

András Heisler (standing) and other Mazsihisz leaders vote in Sunday’s assembly

The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz) decided to stay away from events marking the 70th anniversary of the deportation of 437,000 Jews from Hungary to the Nazi death camps.
President András Heisler said Mazsihisz objected to plans for a Holocaust monument and memorial center in Budapest as well as the appointment of a new history institute director who seemed to excuse the Holocaust deportations. “If we do not get a real answer from the government on these issues, our decision will become final,” he told journalists, adding he expected a reply within a few days.

A lack of consultation about the projects had upset Jewish communities, Heisler said, adding: “The unity that Hungarian Jews showed in that respect is unprecedented since the war.”
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