Society as a whole, including much of the organized Jewish community in the United States, has failed to adequately step forward to meet the needs of survivors who go hungry, or are cold.
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife visit Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem
For decades now, the plight of thousands upon thousands of Holocaust survivors throughout the world has been getting worse and worse.

Fully recognizing the moral imperative of not abandoning these victims of Nazi persecution, US Vice President Joe Biden has announced a new multi-pronged initiative of the Obama administration to address the pressing contemporary medical and social needs of the men and women who were mercilessly persecuted by Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich and its accomplices.

More than 68 years after Allied troops liberated the German death and concentration camps in which millions of European Jews had been ruthlessly murdered, many of those who miraculously survived live precariously, in dire circumstances.
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