Avner Less, who spent hundreds of hours with the ‘architect of the Holocaust,’ reinterred near Wannsee Conference mansion


BERLIN (AP) — With the words of the Kaddish and a sprinkle of earth over his remains, the Israeli official who interrogated Adolf Eichmann was reburied Friday in Berlin’s Wannsee neighborhood, not far from the house where the senior Nazi who helped organize the Holocaust outlined his genocidal plans in 1942.

Though the choice of the final resting place for Avner Less — near the mansion that hosted the infamous Wannsee Conference — was more coincidence than symbolism, his son told The Associated Press his father would have appreciated the irony.

“I think he would be quite pleased at the contradiction of these two men who had different ideas,” Alon Less said. “It is quite a good contrast.”

Friday’s cemetery ceremony brought Avner Less back together with his wife, Vera, whose remains also were reinterred on the spot after being moved from her original Hamburg resting place. That fulfilled a pledge Alon made to his dying father in 1987: to bury his parents together in their native Germany.

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