An image of Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, photoshopped to depict him dressed in Nazi uniform, was published online Thursday, days after other Israeli politicians were similarly portrayed.

Aharonovitch was also accused of being a “Judenrat/Kapo in charge of internal ‘security’ in the Israeli concentration camp better known as the State of Israel.”

The photo was posted on Facebook by a user calling himself Yaron Nakmani.

No official police statement was made, and it was not clear whether an investigation would be conducted.

On Sunday, Israeli police said they would open an investigation after images of the president, top ministers and the police commissioners photoshopped in Nazi uniforms were published on the Internet, apparently in protest over their opposition to the controversial “Jewish state” bill.

Aharonovitch asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to launch an investigation into the earlier incident, calling it “severe.”

“This is crossing a black line and I take a very stern view of these publications. We all well remember where incitement of this kind led to in the past and we need to speedily act to find those involved in this publication and bring them to justice,” Aharonovitch said.

The crime was being investigated in accordance with an Israeli law that forbids offending a public servant.

Aharonovitch did not make an official statement about his own photo, though sources close to the minister told Channel 2 he is “shocked” by the image, particularly since a large part of his own family, including two older brothers, perished in the Holocaust.

The Facebook profile, which seems to have been opened the same day the photos were published, also included a screenshot of an article dating back to 2011, which told of a police decision not to investigate the online publishing of a photo of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in SS uniform.

“When right-wing leaders are attacked, there are no investigations and no political blame,” the profile owner wrote along with the screenshot. “But when the Judenrat-Kapoist regime is attacked, there are investigations and criminal charges! That’s how the Jewish ghetto in Israel is run!”

“Yaron Nakmani” also expressed his disgust of the Knesset, giving it a one out of five stars review, and claiming it is run by “loathsome Judenrat-Kapoists who aren’t doing a thing to prevent the murder of Jews in the Israeli concentration camp.”

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